16 Sweet Reasons Why I'll Work for $10-30/hr. Less Remotely

Finally, the tide is turning. Companies large and small are using reliable communication tech and trusting adults to be adults and efficiently work from home. There are still holdouts, but I'm one creative that's seen a steady uptick in remote/telecommute flexibility the past 10 years—and I LOVE IT!

"...employees ( especially writers and designers) work their best magic whenever and wherever they find a creative muse."

Here are 16 reasons why I'll happily work for le$$, pay for my own meals and save you at least a few grand on a new desk, computer, nap pod, etc.

  1. Sweatpants and sweatshirts. God I love sweats.

  2. Can't beat my couch.

  3. I make great coffee.

  4. My restroom is close, clean and vacant.

  5. No searching for meeting room (insert cutesy name and number).

  6. I'm familiar with and fast on my MacBook Air.

  7. No office small talk.

  8. Daydreaming and sports updates allowed. No need to hide with "boss buttons".

  9. No commute + no ga$ = no pollution.

  10. More productive weekdays. Service calls, packages, etc.--come on over!

  11. Niece/nephew's game at 5PM? I'm there.

  12. A new scene is a few steps or a long drive away. Have wi-fi will travel.

  13. Energy saved waking, dressing, commuting and pretending goes into daily exercise.

  14. Two $55/hr. remote jobs = $110/hr. Most I ever made onsite was $85/hr.

  15. Even if tasks stay the same, every day feels different.

  16. Smart employers realize time is just a number. Quality work can be done (under deadline) at 3AM or PM. No micromanager needed.

I'd love to hear 16 reasons you'd rather work in an office. A few might be funny (get away from the wife/kids, har har), then..?

The American office 9-5 grind is an old, unhealthy, unnatural bad habit. Kick it with me as I try to convince hiring managers that employees (especially writers and designers) work their best magic whenever and wherever they find a creative muse.

Routines tire and perks lose their appeal. Trust people with total freedom and they'll produce their best work. If they don't, hire me.