Why is Soccer the Most Popular Sport on Earth?

If you enjoy playing sports, you may be very fond of soccer. This is an exciting activity that is full of fun and entertainment. There are an estimated 265 million players in the world. In fact, soccer is one of the most popular activities on the planet. Want to know why this sport ranks so high in global popularity? Here are just a few reasons.

It’s Inexpensive to Play

Many sports come with extreme costs including uniforms, specialized equipment, and rental time for places to practice. However, soccer ranks low on the list of expensive sports as all you need to play is a ball. Once you get into competitive soccer, you may need to invest in some cleats and a uniform, but compared to many other sports, it’s still affordable for nearly anyone who wants to get involved.

The Rules Are Easy

Just ask someone to try to understand the many rules of football or hockey and you’ll probably get a lot of blank stares. Soccer, however, is pretty simple to understand. Get the ball to the net without using your hands and you pretty much have the rules down (minus a few corner kicks and offsides rules that are pretty easy to pick up). This makes it easy for kids to learn the support and lets fans understand what’s going on when they watch from the stands.

It’s Thrilling to Watch

Some sports lose viewers during halftime or breaks between quarters. Soccer is thrilling because of the long stretches of uninterrupted play. Viewers appreciate not only the seamless watching experience, but they also hold in high regard the supremely conditioned players who can withstand this type of physical punishment.

You Don’t Need a Lot of Size to Play

Your child doesn’t need to be over six feet and 250 pounds to play this lightning-fast game. In fact, some of the best players in the world hover around 5’5”. This means that any size of player can join the sport and excel if they’re committed to working hard and developing the agility and speed that is required for higher levels of the game.

Overwhelming Global Support

Many sports that are popular in the United States don’t enjoy such support around the world—but that’s where soccer is different. It’s thrilling to know you support a game that is played in 200 countries worldwide. If you enjoy traveling to watch soccer games, you can visit some of the most beautiful cities on the planet while cheering on your favorite athletes.

Potential for Fewer Injuries

Many parents encourage their kids to play soccer because there’s less chance of them getting injured than in other sports. For example, there are approximately 4.36 injuries per 1,000 individuals in football. Soccer has almost half of those numbers. It’s also much more difficult to experience head injuries or other contact-related damage as soccer does not involve tackling or other full-body contact.

Whether you’re looking for a new spectator sport to cheer on, you want to get your kids into a new sport, or you’re looking to play yourself, you can’t do better than soccer. With worldwide fans, a low cost to play, and plenty of thrills, soccer will continue to be one of the world most-loved sports well into the future.