Why Choose a Spartan Mower Over the Rest?

Spartan Mowers are built to provide owners with a smoother, more powerful riding experience when mowing. The ample engine power and aggressive styling of Spartan’s zero-turn mowers sets it apart from all others. Driving a Spartan Mower feels like riding in a sports car, and when it comes to durability and performance, Spartan zero turn mowers are second to none. Spartan mowers cut like a dream and are designed to deliver a precise cut, time after time. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing benefits that Spartan mowers bring to the table.

Better Maneuverability

The basic design of Spartan zero turn mowers enables drivers to easily move in all directions (i.e., left, right, forward and backward). Better maneuverability means that owners can easily and smoothly navigate obstacles such as trees, stumps, flower beds, etc. It also allows drivers to mow much closer to the lawn’s edge, reducing the time spent in trimming.

More Comfortable Ride

A major feature of Spartan zero turn mowers is the comfortable riding experience. Since navigation is done using levers, this removes the stress on the back and shoulders which is inevitable when using a steering wheel. Spartan’s SRT series take comfort to a whole new level with its Smart Ride Technology which absorbs jostling and shock, thus ensuring a smoother driving experience. The seats on Spartan zero turn mowers are embedded with middle and rear elastomer Tecspak dampeners as well as a 360 Floating Seat System. The Spartan SRT series also come with front neoprene cushioning for improved shock absorption while its enhanced radial front tires have twice as much flex as torsional axels. Spartan’s rear tires have been specifically designed to increase traction while leaving fewer tire marks.

Reduced Fuel Costs

Although Spartan’s zero-turn mowers do not offer improved MPG when compared to other riding mowers, the faster cutting time ensures less time spent on the mower, meaning less fuel being consumed. Spartan zero turn mowers are faster, and more efficient, making it ideal for individuals who need to regularly mow several acres worth of lawn.

Reduces Mowing Time by Half

Spartan’s zero-turn mowers reduce average mowing time by half. Specifically designed to provide a faster and more even cut, Spartan zero turn mowers are ideal for lawn care businesses as well as residential and commercial properties with varying lawn sizes. In particular, the Spartan SRT-XD is great for lawn care businesses that want to provide exceptional results to their clients.

Let’s take a look at the amazing features of Spartan’s range of zero turn mowers.

Spartan SRT Series (PRO, HD, XD, and CAT Diesel HDD)

Featuring GT Trac for improved control, balance, and traction, the SRT Series is designed to provide owners with a smoother, more powerful riding experience. The SRT Series come with Spartan’s patented parking brake system as well as an adjustable, custom-built seating to ensure maximum comfort for drivers. To simplify and improve the
overall mowing experience, Spartan’s SRT series feature a turn-dial height control to enable owners easily and painlessly adjust the cutting height from their seats. Its extreme turf flow deck is 6 inches deep, making for better performance while the 7- gauge steel (with front and rear baffling as well as reinforced attach points and leading
edge) ensures improved durability. The SRT series also feature:

  • Smart Ride Technology with new, improved radial front tires which has twice theflex of the torsional axle
  • Soft Ride rear radial tires
  • Tecspak Elastomer dampeners
  • Ergonomic foot brake
  • Simple, long-lasting belt design with minimal belt angles and large idlers
  • 11-gauge steel tube frame
  • LCD control panel and warning indicators
  • Shock assisted Deck foot lift
  • Ergonomic cockpit which includes a 12V outlet, phone holder, cup holder, and storage
  • Deck system with vibration control
  • Folding ROPS
  • Push-start instrument panel
  • Perfect balance with low CG
  • Plug-and-play wiring system
  • 2-Year Full Warranty
  • 3-Year Engine Warranty
  • Lifetime Warranty on the deck’s leading edge.


The RZ Series are commercial sized lawn mowers which come with the standard range of features unique to the Spartan brand. These features include a patent-pending easy touch braking system, ergonomic cockpit, GT Trac (for better traction on inclines, improved control and balance and even weight distribution), state-of-the-art push-start instrument panel, foot assist easy-lift deck, and simple design that allows for easy maintenance and stress-free add-ons. The RZ Series also feature a one-piece deck with baffling, turn-dials for easy deck height adjustment when mowing, extreme turf flow, and Soft ride rear radial tires option. Other features include:

  • Ergonomic cockpit with an easy-to-use control panel, LCD display, 12v outlet, and indicator lights.
  • Extreme turf flow and decks come in 54, 61, and 72-inch width.
  • Simple belt design with minimal belt angles and large idlers
  • Perfect balance with low CG
  • Plug and play wiring system
  • Wrap-around design for improved durability
  • Heavy duty tube frame

The Spartan RT series offer users a PRO and HD version for jobs ranging from residential to small size commercial jobs. It comes with all the basic features that are standard on Spartan zero turn mowers including:

  • GT Trac for better traction on inclines
  • Easy-touch, patent-pending braking system
  • Ergonomic cockpit
  • Push-start instrument panel.
  • Patented brake
  • Soft ride, steel-belted radial tires...specifically designed to increase traction while leaving fewer tire marks on your yard
  • Shock assisted easy-lift deck
  • Turn-dial adjustment for deck height
  • One piece, 7-gauge deck with front and back baffling
  • Control panel featuring LCD display, 12v outlet indicator lights, phone holder, cup holder, and storage
  • Angled front forks and low CG ensures perfect balance and allows for close cuts
  • Long lasting belt design
  • Extreme turf flow and decks come in 54, 61, and 72-inch width.

Spartan Mowers rank among the most aggressive, powerful zero turn mowers on the market and feature a simplistic design that has been optimized for precise cutting, smooth riding, and long-lasting durability. You can visit the Spartan website to customize your very own Spartan mower.

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