Why Buy a Bennington Pontoon Boat

Have you been watching your friends enjoy their pontoon boats all season? Have you been enviously stuck on land, wishing you could be out on the lake with your family on your own boat? Now is the perfect time to look into purchasing your own pontoon boat from Bennington Marine. Though boating season is over in many parts of the U.S., you can still make plans to purchase your boat and be ready when next season rolls around.

What makes a pontoon boat from Bennington a good choice? Simply put, our quality, construction, and 10-year warranty is unparalleled. Your Bennington pontoon boat is top-of-the-line and will be the envy of everyone on the lake.

We have pontoon boats that range from the SX series, which is the best value on the market with highly customizable features and an abundance of options, to the luxury QX performance line with over 200,000 color options and the ultimate in comfort and style.

If you really want to knock it out of the park, consider the ESP performance package, the gold standard in pontoon boats. The ESP includes:

·         Enhanced water displacement and stability for ultimate handling.

·         Two 25 inch outer pontoons with splash fins, under-deck wave shield, and a patented 32 inch Elliptical center pontoon with lifting strakes.

·         Power-assist steering option.

·         Performance foils to provide hydrodynamic lift, improve accelerations, and increase the boat’s turning performance.

The ESP performance package helps you navigate shallow waters as it rides higher in the water—perfect for taking your pontoon boat to smaller lakes. The reinforced guides at the bottom of the tube also helps protect it in shallow water and improve tracking.

The package also includes either Seastar hydraulic steering or power-assist hydraulic steering. The Seastar option eases steering for higher horsepower engines and is recommended for engines 115 horsepower and up. The power-assist option has an electric pump that does the work for you, making turns effortless. This option is recommended for boats with 150 horsepower or greater.

Pontoons are an excellent buy for families who enjoy spending time on the water together. With lounge seating options, fishing features, on-board sinks, and handcrafted styling, your Bennington pontoon boat will provide thousands of hours of fun. Plan camping trips to nearby state parks, spend summer holidays at your favorite reservoir, or schedule your summers around weekend trips to the lake. However you choose to use your Bennington pontoon boat, you are sure to make countless family memories.

Have you questions about pontoon boats or which one may be right for you? Please visit our website to see our many choices and to find a dealer near you!