Top Five Best Wyoming Lakes for Pontoon Boating

Wyoming is a wonderful place for family vacations. With its gorgeous landscape, wide open spaces, and multitude of lakes and campgrounds, Wyoming offers something for every adventurous traveler. If you have a pontoon boat and want to find the best places to take it out, you can do no better than the Cowboy State. Here are the five best lakes in Wyoming where you can enjoy your pontoon boat.

Lake Hattie

If you want to do some fishing off your pontoon boat, you should head to Lake Hattie. With fish stocked by the state, this is a great place to take the kids to get their first big catch. With 3000 surface acres of water, Lake Hattie is right outside the city of Laramie and is the biggest lake in the Laramie Plains. Trout can average up to 15 pounds and the lake has tons of staff who can help you find the best fishing spot.

Alcova Reservoir

Looking for a recreational area near Casper? Alcova Reservoir is it! With eight boat ramps and six campgrounds, Alcova is the perfect place to take your family pontoon boating for a long weekend. In addition to boating, this is also an ideal location for sailing, water skiing, swimming and cliff-diving.

Curt Gowdy State Park

When you want to take your family water-skiing, it’s best to do so at a lake that does not allow swimming. Curt Gowdy state park, which has three separate lakes, is a cold lake due to the nearby Snowy Mountains. However, it’s also an ideal place for boating if you have the proper gear. If you plan on getting in the water, you might want to pack your wetsuit!

Fremont Lake

The second largest lake in the states and one of America’s deepest at over 600 feet, Fremont Lake is located in Wind River Mountain near Pinedale, Wyoming. Popular for sailing, skiing, camping, and fishing as well as pontoon boating, the lake is a great option for those who like the large lake experience. 

Guernsey Reservoir

With 27 miles of shoreline and seven camping areas, the Guernsey Reservoir gives the pontoon boater plenty of options. There are three boat ramps for your convenience as well as 10 miles of walking and biking trails. Perfect for fishing, swimming, and sight-seeing when you’re done hanging out on the boat for the day.

When you’re ready to take your pontoon boat out for the weekend, you can do no matter than the beautiful lakes in Wyoming. If you have questions about pontoon boating or would like to look at our large selection, please visit our website.