Top 6 Programming Languages for K-12 Kids to Learn

The programming industry is a growing field that promises many lucrative and challenging careers well into the future. Because of this, many parents want to encourage their children to start learning programming early so they can increase their knowledge and chances of landing a good job down the road. There are thousands of programming languages that can be learned and it’s best to narrow that number down to a select few that will give you child the best shot at available jobs in the future. Here are the six programming languages we suggest your kids learn to increase their chances for success.

Swift is a high level programming language that was developed by Apple for the purpose of making apps. For those who are planning to work on Apple products, this is the language to learn. Hosting the Automatic Reference Counting, a popular feature that monitors the memory usage on applications, Swift has managed to stand out among its competitors. With the iOS apps being more profitable in comparison to Android and Windows apps, learning and using this language will be quite beneficial for those who want to break into the industry. Translating and writing the codes in Swift is much simpler then the Objective C and object- oriented languages and thus more suitable for K-12 kids. The native apps developed using this language are found to outperform many hybrid apps. Since it is statically typed, debugging and tracking errors is easy. When it comes to making 2D games, the language can be used on Sprite Kit. Most of those who have used this language consider it user –friendly, making it a natural choice for beginners.

Designed to facilitate the bypassing of the C language complexity, Java should be on your child’s list. Mostly used as a back end language, Java is popular in many software, web design, and mobile development companies. Many Fortune 500 companies based in the United States employ the language for the development of desktop software and back end systems. It is also widely used by security agencies for installation of data security measures and its high portability has enabled the language's compatibility in Java Virtual Machines. Java can reinforce the Object Oriented Programming languages and can be used together with most modern languages such as PHP, Python, Perl and C++. When used on the server side, Java can create mobile applications, server side software, and
video games which kids will definitely find entertaining. Most Android app developers use this language, making it a useful language for your kids to learn.

This language was developed by Microsoft mainly for the development of apps based on the Microsoft platform. The language operates in two ways: as an object oriented language and as a general language. Mostly, it works well for applications that are powered by the .NET frameworks. Apart from being used on the Microsoft platform, C# is also widely used in the development of video games, especially when using the Unity Game engine. The language can also be used for web services and the development of server software. For those whose main focus is on the development of Microsoft products, this is one of the

best languages to learn.

JavaScript is widely used by web developers as it facilitates the development of responsive websites. It can be used along with HTML and CSS languages since most browsers can easily implement it. For those whose main focus is on web development, this is the most appropriate language to learn. It’s easy to use and can be used for both front
end and back end development. It also has outstanding UI features that are easily accessible. In addition to web design services, JavaScript can also be used to develop desktop software, mobile applications, and video games.

Python is considered the easiest language for many first-time users, which makes it perfect for kids just getting into programming. The language was developed in the early ‘80s and is mainly used for the development of open source and commercial applications. Along with supporting Object Oriented Programming languages, Python also allows the creation of functional and procedural programming styles. Basically, the language can be used for writing software, mobile apps, server apps, and websites. Many big companies such as NASA, Google, and Yahoo use Python in their coding processes and the web application framework Django has also been completely written using Python. Popular sites such as Facebook, the New York Times, Pinterest, and Instagram are also powered by Python, making it widely-used in the industry.

HTML was the first language used for creating web pages. The mark up language is used with other languages such as CSS, JavaScript, XML, PHP and MySQ and is easy to use and makes identifying errors simple. HTML is mostly used for meaning while CSS is used for presentation purposes, so these languages often go hand in hand. If your child is interested in web design and development, HTML is a must. Preparing your child for a career in programming is an excellent way to pave their way to success. By helping them choose the most beneficial and widely-used languages to learn, you can help give them a jumpstart on a future career in the ever-growing world of computer programming.