Three Great Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Small businesses are in a unique position of needing to increase their customer or client base while operating on a small marketing budget. While they cannot afford network television commercials or full page ads in popular magazines, they still need to achieve business growth and remain top-of-mind for potential customers. This makes digital marketing an ideal choice. Digital marketing strategies can be very affordable while still reaching a small business’s ideal target market. Are you considering digital marketing in your overall growth plan? Here are three strategies you should look into:

Facebook Boosts and Ads

Almost every business has a Facebook page, but many business owners don’t realize that without spending a little money on this platform, their efforts are rarely seen—even by those who like their page. If you have a very small budget, consider boosting a few posts every week that contain original content such as blog posts. You can reach hundreds of potential customers in a specific geographic area or demographic for as little as $15-$20 per boost.

If you have a bit larger budget, you can look into a Facebook ad campaign that is complete with branding graphics and a call-to-action. The best thing about marketing on Facebook is that you gain access to the platform’s demographic information they’ve gathered over the years and their analytics so you can see how each of your campaigns is performing.


Content marketing is the absolute best thing any business owner can do to establish themselves as a thought leader in their industry and reach potential clients. By developing a unique voice and sharing informative or helpful information with your target market, you can gain top-of-mind awareness and drive traffic to your website. Just one blog a week can increase your SEO, drive traffic to your site, and can even be used in a newsletter you send out to your contacts. If no one on your team is proficient at writing high-quality blogs, there are plenty of marketing companies and freelancers who can help you out.


Keeping in regular contact with past, current, and potential customers is a must for any small business. Digital newsletters are an excellent way to touch base, announce any new developments in your company, and offer discounts or deals to draw customers back to buy more products or services. You can easily repurpose blogs for your newsletter for good content and add in images of your team, announcements about upcoming events, and links to helpful articles. Once you have developed a robust email list, sending out newsletters is a relatively easy and inexpensive process and, if done correctly, can yield big results.

Digital marketing is an ideal advertising choice for small businesses that are operating on a small budget but still need to enhance their image and bring in new customers or clients. By using Facebook boosts and ads, a quality blogging strategy, and digital newsletters, business owners can achieve their marketing goals without breaking the bank.