The Top 10 Taylor Swift Videos

Taylor Swift has become a true musical icon. From her humble beginning as a young country star crooning Teardrops on My Guitar. we’ve been taken with Taylor’s sweet lyrics and catchy tunes. Over the years, the young artist has shown an incredible capacity for re-inventing herself and surprising us with her depth and versatility in both her music and her videos. Though it’s certainly up for debate, here are the 10 music videos we think are her absolute best.

Picture to Burn

We get to see Taylor in all her rocker glory in the barnburning “Picture to Burn” video. Taylor included her real-life bestie Abigail Anderson in this one, and you can tell how much fun the pair are having as they plan some delightful sabotage. We love her suit and sunglass-clad band members getting in on the action—especially as they lick spoons and spit mouthwash back into the bottle in her ex’s house. From start to finish, this is delicious, explosive revenge at its best.

Out of the Woods

Shot in New Zealand, “Out of the Woods” is a dazzling epic music video. From the running from wolves scene to the lifelike vines, this is truly a masterpiece. Watching Taylor on a snow-covered mountaintop and then submerged in the ocean is amazing, but it can’t top a mud-splattered Taylor slogging through the muck. Taylor has always been excellent at showing her acting chops in her music videos, and this one tops the list in this area.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

We’ve seen Taylor dramatic, we’ve seen Taylor in love...but seeing Taylor at her silliest is truly a delight. In the “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” video, we get to see Taylor running around in her pajamas, jamming with her band (dressed as furry animals), and basically telling off a rotten ex. What could be better than that?

You Belong with Me

Taylor fights for her man against...Taylor in this super-fun and heartwarming video about a classic love triangle. Our star gets to play two parts: the quirky fun girl who deserves the guy and her popular mean-girl counterpart who already has the guy. Who will win? Oh come on...we all know it’s gonna be Taylor.

Look What You Made Me Do

Taylor as a zombie risen from a graveyard? Yes, please. In the “Look What You Made Me Do” video, we get to see a jewel-bedecked Taylor in a bathtub, an evil queen Taylor surrounded by snakes, and a glam Taylor swinging in a cage as well as the afore- mentioned zombie. If you want to see the versatility of Taylor, this is your video.

Begin Again

The sweet, feminine Taylor is in full force in the “Begin Again” video, which was filmed in Paris. From the soft lighting to Taylor’s melancholy walk along the Seine, this gorgeous video makes us all want to believe in second chances.


We’re not quite sure if this is a satire or not, but the video for “22” captures the millennial angst like nothing else. From the Instagram-like filters to the wild partying, this fun video reminds us that Taylor—though more accomplished than most stars three times her age —is still just a young adult.

Love Story

Taylor was still trying to break out of her country mold when she released “Love Story”. In fact, it even won a 2009 Country Music Award. However, we could already see Taylor’s future as a world-class star with this Romeo & Juliet -inspired video. From the gorgeous set and costumes to Taylor’s acting, “Love Story” showed us the emergence of a true performer.

Shake it Off

“Shake If Off” was like an announcement to the world: Taylor Swift has arrived as a bona-fide pop star! This music was all about fun, costumes, and the multiple personas that Taylor is now known for. Ballerinas, cheerleaders, and hip-hop’s all right here and viewers loved to see Taylor at her absolute dorky best.

Blank Space

If you love the other videos on this list, there’s no way you’re not going to adore “Blank Space” as it’s the culmination of everything that makes Taylor’s music videos stand out. You’ve got elaborate sets, an epic romance, plenty of drama, and gorgeous costumes, all forming the perfect story of gossip and rumors that surround famous couples. Who better than Taylor to show us the highs and lows of tabloid-worthy flings? Even if you don’t love her music, you have to admire Taylor for her theatrical music videos that are often more fun than half the movies currently in the cinema. Though each of her videos has its own unique style, vibe, and fans, the above ten show off her depth, versatility, and ability to take her craft to new levels.