Most Anticipated NBA Trades for 2018

Every February, NBA players go through the same routine of quietly waiting for the trade deadline to pass. With the trade deadline for the National Basketball Association is just a month away (February 8th, 2018), teams and athletes alike are anticipating some interesting trades. Whether they want to be traded, haven't considered it, or are hoping to remain where they are, news of trades breaking brings anxiety. Here is a list of the most anticipated trades for this season.

Chicago Bulls could Time Mirotic Trade with Lavine
Nikola Mirotic is looking to trade teams despite his no-trade clause when he becomes eligible on Jan. 15th. Mirotic has been a key factor in the mostly stellar play of the second unit. The Bulls are ready to welcome back Zach LaVine around the same time Mirotic can be traded. LaVine completed his sixth consecutive practice Thursday and will travel with the team to Dallas and Indiana on Friday and Saturday.

Hill Okay With Trade
George Hill expressed his frustration in his first season with the Kings. Hill's numbers have dropped off dramatically and he often appears disengaged. He said that the team as a whole all get along, but that they’re still trying to learn each other’s  style of play. Hill has been asked to play both guard positions and adapt on the fly to frequent lineup changes and contrasting combinations. Hill has already been discussed in trade rumors. He says he has learned to keep his bags packed in case of a trade. He has been quoted saying of the Kings, “If I leave, I’ll look them in the face, shake their hand and thank them for the opportunity.”

LeBron James To Commit or Not
When the Celtics were presented as a trade partner for Kyrie Irving this past offseason, team and league sources confirmed that Dan Gilbert approached LeBron James asking for a pledge that he would remain with the franchise beyond the 17-18 season. James wouldn't commit to that. Gilbert had become especially interested in acquiring the rights to Brooklyn's first round pick in 2018 that the Celtics owned.

Knicks Have Plans For Hernangomez
The New York Knicks still consider Willy Hernangomez part of their future despite not receiving consistent playing time. Hernangomez is third at center behind Enes Kanter and Kyle O'Quinn. Hernangomez said it has been hard for him because even though he loves being on the team, he wants to play more. “I’m young, it’s my second year. I have to play to get better. I’ve been working really hard everyday. Everything I do I is 100 percent.” League sources said Hernangomez still has decent trade value.

Warriors Could Trade McGee
The Golden State Warriors are considering a trade of JaVale McGee. McGee hasn’t been given much play time with the emergence of Jordan Bell, who has taken his position. The Milwaukee Bucks have recently been talking with the Warriors for McGee and Pachulia. Pachulia previously played for the Bucks but the Warriors will be reluctant to trade him. McGee hasn't been happy and re-signed with the Warriors on a minimum deal so a trade may be on the horizon.

Gasol Is Not Throwing Away The Season
Marc Gasol spoke with reporters on Monday. The main question was whether Gasol might ask for a trade from the Memphis Grizzlies. Even if everything changes with the franchise, Gasol is committed to finishing the season strong. Gasol is taking it upon himself to make sure this season doesn't become a lost cause. He stated that he’s not in his twenties anymore so he doesn’t have the luxury to throw a season away. He has a sense of urgency and a desire to win. Obviously, when a player’s career gets past 10 years, and that same player has dealt with injuries, it may be time to move on.

Professional basketball players are used to spending half of their time in hotel rooms while on the road during the season, but after getting traded, that hotel room becomes their home until they can find a more permanent place to live. For most players, anxiety starts to creep in, particularly if they are traded near the deadline. Focusing on the game is key when everything else is so up in the air, which is hard to do for some NBA athletes.