How to Maintain Your Residential Roof

Though the roof on your home is one of the most important aspects of your house and is essential in keeping your family safe and comfortable, many home-owners don’t pay much attention to it until something goes wrong. Keeping up on roof maintenance is important, though, to prolong the life of your roof and to identify problems early before they necessitate major repairs or a roof replacement. Here are four tips on maintaining your residential roof.

Clean Gutters

Clogged gutters can lead to water overflow that not only damages your siding and foundation of your home, but can also lead to roof damage. Make sure you clean out clogged gutters on a regular basis and especially after a storm. Consider getting gutter guards or seamless gutters installed if you don’t already have them and get professional gutter cleaning done if you can’t perform the work effectively on your own.

Keep an Eye Out for Damage

Due to its location, it can be difficult to spot damage to your roof until its too late. There are some telltale signs that something may be wrong with your roof—you just have to know what to look for. Sagging roof lines, mold growth inside your home, water stains on the walls, and higher than usual utility bills are all red flags that your roof could be damaged. Even if you don’t see these warning signs, you should still occasionally get on a ladder to visually inspect your roof, especially after a big storm.

Trim Back Trees

Trees that have grown too close to your roof can present a big problem, especially if branches are sagging or dying. A strong gust of wind or rain storm can easily cause these branches to damage your roof and cost you thousands of dollars. Trim back any branches that are hanging over or close to your roof to prevent them from causing destruction.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

If you do suspect you have roof damage or if you just want a professional to take a look at your aging roof, you should schedule a roof inspection. This will give you peace of mind if your roof is in good shape or will allow you to make decisions early should your roof need repaired or replaced.

Keeping your roof in good shape is as easy as cleaning the gutters, doing some trimming, and staying alert to possible signs of damage. When you practice good roof maintenance, you can ensure your roof will keep your family comfortable for years to come.

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