How New Computer Hardware Releases in 2018

As this year draws to a close, many exciting tech events wait just beyond the horizon. Some of our favorite powerhouses have long been tinkering away and are gunning to release their gems in the coming year. Here is what you can expect:

1. Apple MacBook Pro 2018, $4,999+

Apple has recently confirmed prior rumors of a “radical revamping” of its Macbook Pro, the current model of which was announced and released back in 2013. The announcement of a wholly redesigned iMac Pro hints that it won’t make an appearance until 2018 at the earliest. A press release issued on the heels of the WWDC summit of June this year expressed Apple’s intent to meet the increasing needs of its many pro users through a next-generation iMac.

At WWDC Apple shared the new iMac Pro specs, which is to include an 18-core Xeon processor (up to 42MB cache), Turbo Boost up to 4.5GHz, 128GB RAM (DDR4 ECC), 4TBGB SSD and AMD Radeon Pro Vega GPU. On the outside, it will take on a darker look, encased in “Space Grey.” As to the inside, Apple has worked hard to adjust the thermal architecture to accommodate for new components. As a result, a new fan system promises an 80% increase in cooling capacity while maintaining its signature quiet. The iMac Pro is anticipated to start at $4,999.

2. Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA, $460+

Starting at $460, this efficiency machine with its 12.5-inch Full-HD touch-screen display emulates smooth Android app use at its best. It marries a sleek, premium aluminum design, long battery life (rated up to 10 hours at a time), and a luminous 1080p panel to produce the ideal Chromebook 2-in-1. A flexible 360 degree hinge allows the C302 to easily morph between tablet or laptop mode.

3. HP Spectre X360 15t, $1,149

For those in the market for a larger 2-in-1 laptop, the HP Spectre x360 15t satisfies with a colorful 15.6-inch display while meeting other requirements. Starting at a price point of $1,149, this laptop boasts a high-end aluminum chassis and its battery life will reach into the eighth hour.

4. Nintendo’s Mini Commodore 64: C64 Mini, $70

Retro Games is gearing to release C64 Mini, a mini version of the 1982 computer Commodore 64. It is anticipated to arrive in early 2018 at $70 price point. Half the heft of the original version, the C64 Mini will come preinstalled with 64 licensed games: California Games, Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe and Paradroid, to name a few. The whole package will include a wired joystick and a charging table that will connect to a given TV via an HDMI port, but any standard PC USB keyboard is also fair game as interface. The Mini will feature a “save game” capability and offer filtering options with the likes of CRT, pixel perfect and scanline emulation. The option to upgrade your console’s firmware by USB flash drive is also available. A full-sized version of the C64 is also scheduled for a late 2018 release.

5. Panasonic GA10, price TBA

Although comparable to Google Home and Amazon Echo in its spoken perks, the Panasonic GA10 picks up where the other two leave off: proper hi-fi gear. In essence, it is a Google Home equipped with Google Assistant that responds to spoken demands, but features playback technology unparalleled for its kind, supported by a pair of 20mm soft dome tweeters and an 8cm woofer. Physically distinguished from the rest by a sleek rectangular aesthetic, this device is set to be available in early 2018, at a price as yet unknown.

Keep an eye out in the new year for the many exciting new hardware developments. Whether you use tech for your business or for personal use, something on this list will likely pique your interest.