Horch Roofing Launches Charitable Giving Program

Horch Roofing has always been known as a roofer in Maine that supports and gives back to the community. Since owner Peter Horch began working on roofs in 2003, the company has focused not only on top-notch customer service and quality work, but they have also made an effort to make the Maine coastline a better place to live. They have taken this to the next level by launching a charitable giving program. With a new page on their website, Horch is able to take requests for donations and sponsorships from customers and others in the Maine community.

Stacey Lytton, V.P. of Operations for Horch Roofing, said, “Horch Roofing is thrilled to introduce our new charitable giving program. We have always been very proud of our commitment to improving the quality of life in our community. We have formed a new charitable giving committee and its goal is to strengthen our community involvement by providing support for a diverse range of local non-profit agencies. Our staff members have embraced this core value of Horch Roofing and will devote their time and energy to numerous volunteer programs and causes. We truly believe that a healthy community is the foundation of a successful business."

Currently, Horch Roofing’s charitable program is focused on the areas of children’s health, education, and arts programs. In the past, they have supported organizations such as the Camden Public Library, Oceanside Pee Wee Football, Farnsworth Art Museum, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mid-Maine. Along with contributing to various organizations, the company is also a member of the Penobscot Bay Regional, Portland Regional, Freeport, Wiscasset, Brunswick, Belfast, Boothbay, Union, and Damariscotta Chambers of Commerce. Peter is on the board of directors at the Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce and is actively involved in supporting the community through his position.

Those interested in speaking with Horch Roofing about a possible donation or sponsorship can simply go to their website and fill out a request. A representative from the company will get back to all those who submit requests within a reasonable amount of time.

Horch Roofing has established themselves as a responsible member of the community and a trustworthy contractor for anyone in need of roof repair or replacement. With more than 30 employees, 17 vehicles, and nine crews, Horch is committed to customer service and getting the job done right. If you have questions about your roof or would like a free estimate on roof repair or replacement, please visit their website. If you have any questions about their new charitable giving program, please reach out to Erin at erin@horchroofing.com.