Does a Commercial Flat Roof Ever Need Replacement? 

Flat roof designs, though occasionally used in certain residential projects, are most often reserved for commercial buildings. The intent behind a flat commercial roof is to use materials that are strong enough to resist any type of weather and that will last for many years into the future. A well-constructed flat roof that is installed by professionals can often last as long as 50 years, meaning you will likely not have to replace it during your time owning the property. However, there are some factors that can affect the longevity of your roof and that should be kept in mind.

Sealant Around the Chimney, Plumbing Exhaust Pipes, and Ductwork

One of the most common areas that your commercial roof will show damage is at its weakest points, including sealant around the chimney or chimneys, plumbing exhaust pipes, and ductwork that connects to your HVAC system. Fortunately, repairs in these areas are usually easy and inexpensive, but it’s important to identify them before they become larger issues.

Damage from Fallen Tree Limbs or Storms

No matter how strong or well-constructed your roof, a big hail storm or a large tree limb can easily cause damage that must be taken care of immediately. If your area has recently experienced a strong storm, you should talk with a roofing specialist—even if you don’t see signs that your roof has been damaged. Only an expert can actually get up on the roof and determine whether repairs need to be made.

Clogged Rooftop Drains

Exterior downspouts should be able to handle any rain or other precipitation that falls on your roof. However, if the drains get clogged, ponding could occur on your roof and cause water damage. After the next big rainstorm look at your exterior downspouts. If you don’t see the amount of water coming out of them that should be, you may have a clog.

When to Call a Professional

If you have a commercial roofing question in Jacksonville, you should find a reputable roofing company that you can count on to answer them. As a general rule, you should call a roofing specialist if you’ve recently had a bad storm in your area, if you suspect your spouts are clogged, or if you notice any bubbling, moisture spots in the ceiling, or climbing energy bills that can’t be explained by other means. As a general rule, you should also get a professional inspection every 2-3 years even if you don’t suspect damage. This will help identify any small issues that you may not have noticed and allow you to fix them before they compromise the integrity of your roof.

If you have questions about Jacksonville flat roof repair or want more information on repairing or replacing your commercial roof, please visit our website to contact one of our representatives.