Comparing the Features and Differences of Hustler Zero-Turns

Designed to deliver high-performance, precise cutting and optimal driving comfort to owners, Hustler’s range of zero-turn mowers are built to the highest standards and with the same great quality associated with the Hustler® brand for over 50 years. Hustler’s residential zero-turns can handle rugged terrains with ease while delivering faster and precise cutting to demanding homeowners. Hustler’s commercial-grade zero-turn is just the thing for homeowners and lawn care companies who want greater horsepower,serious high-performance, and a more professional cut at the best value possible. To determine the best buy for your particular application, let’s take a look at the features and characteristics of Hustler’s range of zero-turns.

Hustler’s Residential Zero-turns

Raptor Series Designed to lead the entry-level category of the zero-turn market, the Hustler Raptor Series is built to provide users with the very best performance that can be found on residential riding mowers. Hustler’s Raptors are available in 52, 42, and 36 inches.
Major features include:

  • Optional engine guard
  • Side-discharge mode which disperses clippings evenly
  • Automatic Park Braking System
  • Heavy-duty Front Caster Forks
  • 4.5-inch cutting height
  • Kawasaki Premium V-Twin engine
  • Top Speeds of 6.5 mph
  • Heavy-duty fabricated frame and welded steel deck
  • Low Seat Height

Raptor SDX
Available only in a 54-inch deck, the Raptor SDX comes with luxury features such as an engine guard and stylish, bolstered seating for added comfort and support. The SDX also features an open deck design.

Raptor Limited
A relatively new member of the Raptor Series, the Raptor Limited comes with all the unique features of the Hustler Raptor family including hour meter, engine guard, larger rear and front tires, and plush seating with armrests. It is available in 52 inches and fitted with the Kohler 7000 Series engine with Smart Choke capability.

Raptor SD
The Raptor SD is a premium, heavy-duty, low profile residential zero-turn mower with exceptional handling and control and a deep fabricated steel deck. With its industry- leading Kawasaki engine, the Raptor SD delivers unmatched power to owners. It also features a tough front end with large front tires and is available in 60, 54, ad 48 inches. It comes equipped with all the standard features of the Raptor family of zero-turn mowers.

Raptor Flip Up
By just pushing a button, you can adjust the deck height on the Raptor Flip Up. The Flip-Up requires less storage space than other Raptors and makes for stress-free cleaning and blade changing. It is available in 54 and 48-inch decks.

Hustler Fastrak
Hustle Fastrak is designed to offer owners all the power, durability and strength needed for residential and commercial use. Available in 60, 54, and 48-inch decks, Hustler offers a limited lifetime warranty on the deck’s leading edge and frame. When in operation, the Fastrak Rear Discharge reduces the clippings, dust, and dirt from blowing on the operator by discharging clippings through its rear, making for a much cleaner mowing. Hustler’s Fastrak models also come with interesting accessories such as snow blowers, snow blade, stripe kit, jack kit, mulch kit and catcher.

Hustler’s Commercial Zero-turns

Hustler’s range of commercial zero-turns offer users a flawless, precise and more professional cutting experience. With intuitive control, high-performance engines and improved riding experience, Hustler’s commercial zero-turns is the ideal choice for owners looking for optimal performance, durability, and comfort.

Fastrak SDX
Available in 60, 54, and 48-inch decks, the Fastrak SDX is equipped with a powerful engine for reliability and improved strength. It also comes with bigger tires, and upgraded custom seating which makes for a comfortable riding experience while delivering a perfect zero-turn performance all day, every day. The Fastrak SDX is best used for commercial applications.

Built using heavy gauge rectangular tubing for increased strength, the X-ONE has a narrow, streamlined body, allowing it to carry three different deck sizes to meet the needs of all users. It is available in 60 and 54 inch rear discharge and 60, 54, and 48- inch side discharge.

Hustler Super Z
Specifically designed for commercial applications, the Super Z features a commercial duty 21cc pump, 8-inch fan, large capacity oil cooler, hot oil shuttle and Parker TG wheel motor, as well as VX4 deck technology and high-performance Kawasaki engines. The Hustler Super Z is strong and fast and comes in 60 and 72-inch rear discharge and 72, 60, and 55-inch side discharge. The pumps and motors on the Super Z are backed by a 5-year warranty, giving you the assurance of long-term reliability.

Hustler Super Z HD
Featuring Kawasaki engines, VX4TM deck technology, and the all-new HyperDrive System, the Super Z HD delivers a ground speed of 16mph. It comes with enhanced features such as premium Grammer suspension seating (optional), 26-inch tires, and is backed by a 5-year limited warranty and a 3000 hours/5-year warranty on its trademark HyperDriveTM Hydro System. It is available in 72 and 60-inch rear or side discharge.

Hustler Z Diesel
For owners who want the convenience of diesel-fueled commercial-grade mowers, the Hustler Z Diesel is the ideal choice. With a heavy-duty 25 horsepower engine positioned over the drive tires (for more efficient weight distribution), the Hustler Z® Diesel delivers enough torque power to get the job done. The Z Diesel is available in 60 and 72-inch side discharge and 72, 60, and 55-inch side discharge.

Hustler Super S
Available in 60, 52, 48, and 32-inch deck sizes, the Super S features Hustler’s SmoothTrak steering and has the toughest deck and frame in this category. This stand- on mower also offers users the best-in-class operator

Super 104
An affordable mower with the versatility and maneuverability of zero-turns, the Super 104 features a premium Grammer suspension seating, hydraulic wing deck lift, 104” cutting width, Kawasaki FX1000 engine, and Hyper-Drive System. At 10mph, the Super 104 is designed to mow up to 84 acres in 8 hours. Want to try out a Hustler
zero-turn mower? Head over to PowerPro Equipment to test drive one today.