A Look at How Technology Has Changed Over 100 Years of the Winter Olympics

There’s no doubt the advancements in technology has led to a world of changes when it comes to the Olympics. This is one of the most cherished and exciting sporting events of all times. The good news is technology has made significant improvements to this type of world-renowned sporting entertainment. In fact, you may be interested in learning firsthand what some of these changes may be.


One of the top sporting events to watch is almost certain to be swimming. Competitors from all over the world are racing at high speeds to win a medal.

Thanks to the advancements in technology there are now underwater cameras that can track every move of the athletes. Additionally, the electronic timing is more precise and accurate than ever.


Who doesn’t love a good game of tennis and some of the most amazing matches to watch is sure to be at the Olympics? This is a fast-paced activity where only the top players are sure to prevail.

These days every move a tennis player makes can be recorded and analyzed at a later date for improvements. This is an ideal way for any tennis athlete to make great strides for getting better.


There’s nothing like the art of diving if you love to see the body in motion. This activity is one that must be completed with precision to avoid injury and gain the title of the champion.

Now, it’s there is an actual dive cam that made a debut in the 1996 Olympics and has made significant improvements when it comes to helping divers know their every move.


Endurance and being fit are just two of the traits you will need for the cycling competition. In fact, the time spent getting ready to be a strong competitor in the cycling category is tremendous.

However, technology has made it possible for the athletes in this area to wear glasses. This device will assist in tracking heart rate, speed, power, and other things that will be shown in real time.


There is no guesswork about what the competitors are up to when it comes to boxing. This sport shows just how much each is on their own in an attempt to win the prize.

There are now cameras in place in each ring and these turn on from the time of entry until the match is done. The good news is this item can be the key to determining both the winner and loser in case there’s any question at all.

The Olympic games have indeed evolved to be more of science, and there are numerous ways for ensuring the rightful winner holds the prize. Technology offers innumerable benefits to each that is part of this world-renowned event, and the advantages of this truly show during every sporting area.