6 Tech Gadgets You'll Want for the New Year

One of the most commonly purchased product categories in recent years is that of consumer technology and gadgets. As new and innovative technology emerges at exponential rates, having the newest electronics and items is a trend that many shoppers are picking up on. With 2017 coming out with some landmark and surprising tech gadgets, 2018 is bound to build upon this wonder and advancement in ways never seen before.

If you’re looking to purchase some sort of new electronic or gadget in the upcoming year, there are an array of products to consider. Here are 6 of the top gadgets to lookout for as we enter a new year:

Echo Show

Building further upon Amazon’s line of smart home devices, the new Echo Show provides an even more immersive and interactive experience than ever before. Featuring a 7 inch screen, and combining all the benefits and advantages of their Alexa system, Amazon’s new gadget goes beyond standard expectations. The new device features voice recognition capabilities when listening to commands, allows you to control various smart devices throughout your home, and provides an all-in-one IoT experience. With a price point of about $230, it seems as if the Amazon Echo Show delivers more than what it promises.

Nest Cam Security Camera

The safety and security of our loved ones is often a top priority, and with the Nest Cam devices, accomplishing this sense of security has never been easier. Nest provides camera systems for both inside the home, as well as on the outdoors, allowing for homeowners to keep an eye on all things whether they are at home or not. Through live streaming and collecting 30 days of security footage, the Nest devices are robust and effective in keeping you alert about what goes on in your home.

Selfly Camera Drone

Perhaps one of the most tedious things when out and about is having to stop, pull up the camera application, and remain sedentary for a picture to be taken. Well, such worries can be disregarded now, as the Selfly Camera Drone makes it easy and efficient to take pictures. The thin case wraps seamlessly around your smartphone, and upon command, will turn your phone into a camera drone by hovering around you and your friends, taking snapshots of all the beauty around you. For adventurers, travelers, or photo enthusiasts alike, the Selfly should not be passed up.


A common perception about photographs these days is that Polaroids and physical pictures are a thing of the past, as digital capabilities have allowed for more efficiency. However, sometimes having that solid picture in your hand can make a huge difference, which is the issue that the Prynt iPhone case is looking to solve. The thin case wraps around your iPhone, and acts as a mobile printer for photos that you want to have physically in hand. Lightweight, portable, and effective in printing high quality photos, the Prynt case is perfect for all photography buffs out there.

GoPro Hero6

Needless to say, many tech enthusiasts know that the last couple years have been rough for GoPro, the innovative action-camera manufacturer. However, the company aims to set themselves back on track in the upcoming year, with the release of the HERO6 Black camera. The new innovation features even faster and higher-quality image processing, by implementing the internal GP1 processing chip developed by GoPro. In doing so, GoPro aims to bring ultraHD to the action-cam industry, allowing users to shoot and record scenes in 4K at 60 FPS, regardless of how much movement and shaking may come at your way.

Oculus Go

One of the hottest trends of late-2016 and throughout 2017 has been the emergence of virtual reality in a broader context. Although no company has yet to fully implement it into the mainstream, Facebook is looking to change that through their platform. The Oculus Go VR headset is believed to reduce the painpoints that were present with previous VR devices, and make the transition more seamless and efficient to engulf users in a new virtual experience.

With a range of new technological innovations being rolled out in 2018, the gadgets and devices that await consumers in the new year are more than exciting. Whether the further implementation of VR in daily life, or the ability to fully connect your home via smart home devices in all areas, the advancements are something that all shoppers, techie or not, can look forward to in the coming year.