5 Soccer Rivalries for the Ages

One of the most popular sports of all times is soccer. In fact, there are approximately 265 million players worldwide. There are many benefits of this game that include less chance of injury and being inexpensive to start. However, soccer is a highly competitive sport, and there are well-known rivalries. It’s important to know what some of the top competitors are if you follow this exciting game.

Soweto Derby: Orlando Pirates vs. Kaizer Chiefs

These teams are known as the Soweto derby and are fiercely competitive of each other. Whenever there’s a sporting event involving these fierce competitors, you can typically expect a massive fanbase to attend.

Soweto derby is located in Soweto, Johannesburg and is followed by many. You’re sure to see an exciting game if you’re in attendance and there is almost certain not to be a boring minute.

Keep in mind that most soccer games will last approximately two hours. There is typically two 45-minute halves and usually a 15 minute break in between each of these.

El Clasico: Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

Spain is no stranger to soccer, and when Barcelona vs. Real Madrid have a game, the crowds will be huge.  These rivalries are known as the El Clasico, and the names of the teams are based on two of the most significant cities in Spain.

Additionally, the El Clasico consists of two of the wealthiest areas in this region and there is no shortage of money or fans when there is sporting event on the agenda.

Old Firm: Celtics vs. Rangers

When it comes to two soccer teams going up against each other in Glasgow, Scotland the two to watch are the Celtics vs. the Rangers. Much of the existing rivalry of these two have been part of the Scottish culture for ages.

In fact, the combination of these two teams have won 102 Scottish League Championships and enjoy significant crowds at each sporting event.

Superclasico: Boca Juniors vs. River Plate

This dynamic duo is in Argentina, and studies indicate 70% of the fans in this region follow these rivalries.  When the Boca Juniors and River Plate soccer teams have a game, you can be sure there aren’t any empty spectator seats.

Derby Della Capitale: Roma vs. Lazio

Italy is the home of these soccer competitors and one of the fiercest soccer derbies in the world.  The Roma team is the result of a merger between Roman, Fortitudo, and Audace in 1927 while Lazio was founded in the Praiti community.

Any soccer match that is held amongst these teams is one that is sure to be an exciting game to watch.

If you’re a huge fan of soccer and have the opportunity to attend any games between the competitors above, you will want to do so. This could be the chance of a lifetime, and one thing is for sure, you won’t be lonely while you’re there. Be sure to cheer on your favorite team and enjoy seeing some of the best of the best soccer athletes in the world!