5 Questions to Ask an Electrician Before You Hire Him

Most people know not to mess with electrical systems in their home or commercial building if there is a problem or if they are working on a home improvement project. Though changing out a light bulb or installing a new switch is usually perfectly safe for DIY, anything more extensive usually requires the help of a professional electrician.

A qualified electrician will fall into one of two categories: a master electrician or a journeyman. The difference between the two is that a master electrician has passed a standardized test and has two years of experience while a journeyman is licensed by the state but has not yet qualified for his master’s license. Both types can work on your project, but a journeyman is not qualified to design systems.

No matter which type you decide is right for your project, there are some basic questions you should ask a potential electrician before you hire him. Here are five of them:

Are you locally owned and operated?

Working with a locally owned and operated company means you’re giving business to someone who is invested in the community and will always be reachable. Local business owners know the value of great customer service and are more likely to be hands-on in their own businesses.

Do you offer 24-hour service?

If something goes wrong in the middle of the night, will you be able to call this electrician? Will they come out on a Sunday? Whether you ever need it or not, knowing that your electrician is available 24/7 gives you peace of mind.

How much experience do you have?

Is the electrician brand new to the business or does he have years of experience he can draw from? Though there are plenty of capable new electricians, hiring one that already has a few years of experience is usually the best option.

What organizations do you belong to?

Is the electrician in any community groups? How about professional organizations? The more they are involved in the community and in their profession, the more knowledgeable and reputable they are likely to be.

Do you have references I could speak with?

Being able to talk with others the electrician has done work for is important, especially if you are hiring them to work on a large project. If the electrician has no references or seems hesitant to let you speak with them, view this as a red flag.

When you put thought into your electrician choice and ask them the above five questions, you will be more likely to hire a professional who gets the job done right and treats you well. If you would like more information or need electric work, please visit our website.