5 PGA Tour Newbies to Watch in 2018

If you enjoy golf, you may love watching the 2018 PGA tour. This is when the best of the best golf players in the country will join together and compete. There’s no doubt a golf follower will want to secure tickets for this main event as quickly as possible. There will be some new kids on the block in 2018 and knowing some information about these rookies may be helpful to you.

Tom Lovelady

This 24-year-old male doesn’t mess around when it comes to playing golf. Tom is from Alabama and brings a certain amount of gentle expertise to the table.

He is no stranger to golf competitions and has ranked third in one of the well-known golf events. Additionally, Tom has averaged as much as 321.9 yards off the tee and is sure to be a top competitor to watch.

Keith Mitchell

This young man knows more than a thing or two about golf. Keith is 25 years old and from Georgia. He placed fourth in the Web.com tour and is sure to be a fierce competitor in the 2018 PGA.

Sam Ryder

Sam is a 27-year-old male that has been playing golf as long as he can remember. He almost missed out on getting a spot in the PGA 2018 tournament, but there’s no doubt he will make his best possible effort to go home a winner.

Be sure to watch out for Sam Ryder because this young man is full of surprises, skill and expertise when it comes to the game of golf.

Peter Uihlein

Peter is from Oklahoma and brings a great deal of golf experience with him. He is one of the top contenders in his league and is sure to be full of new moves at the PGA tour for all to watch and enjoy while attending.

This young man is only 28 years old but don’t let youth fool you. Peter is the winner of both the European and Challenge tours and is sure to play an excellent game during this spectacular event.

Aaron Wise

One of the youngest rookies for this fantastic golf show will be Aaron Wise. He’s only 21 years old and already has a secured spot in the PGA.

Aaron is from Oregon is known for his McKenzie and Web.com tours win at this young age. This is one exceptional young man that knows a thing or two about golf. Be sure to secure your seat close to this impressive contender because you may just be in for a great time.

There’s nothing like attending a sporting event you care a great deal about, and golf may just be yours. The excitement of the crowds, the cheering of the fans and the tremendous amount of expertise these rookies bring is sure to be spectacular. You don’t have to be famous to know how to play golf, and it’s time to welcome some newbies full of youth and skill to the PGA event in 2018!