4 Tips for Your Fall Skin Care Routine

While summertime can be a fun season of vacations, pools, beach time, and sleeping in, it can also wreak havoc on our skin. Disrupted schedules, too much time in the sun, and exposure to chlorine can leave your skin feeling dry, tight, and dull. Fall is a great time to get your skincare routine back under control and undo some of the damage that was caused during the summer months. Even if you did a good job with your summer skincare routine, the change in weather calls for a few tweaks to keep your skin looking and feeling great. Here are four tips to get you started.

Switch to a Hydrating Cleanser

Lightweight cleansers probably did the trick during the hot months as there is typically more moisture in the air during the summer. However, once fall hits, the weather tends to get dryer and that shows up on our skin. Switch out your lightweight cleanser for a hydrating one to keep your skin moist. Try using a non-drying, sulfate-free cleanser in the morning and a lotion-based cleanser at night to replenish the moisture that has been lost during the day.

Incorporate Toner

Toner is an easy step to skip in your skincare routine, but it’s definitely one that needs to be added back in when the temperatures drop. Though some believe toner is about reducing pours or blocking oil, a good alcohol-free toner is actually essential to keeping your skin moisturized. Apply your toner after cleansing and immediately put on hydrating lotion or cream while your skin is still damp to lock in moisture.

Upgrade from Lotion to Cream

Lightweight moisturizers are great for summer months when humidity is high and skin retains its moisture better. However, the fall and winter months can be incredibly drying on the skin and you should compensate by moving from a lotion to a cream for hydration. If the cream feels too heavy on your face during the day, stick with lotion in the morning and use the cream at night before bed.

Don’t Ditch the SPF

Just because beach days are over for the year doesn’t mean you can pack away your sunscreen. A large percentage of sun damage occurs during the fall and winter months simply because people stop protecting their skin. While sunburn-causing UVB rays may be reduced, wrinkle and skin cancer-inducing UVA rays are still strong. Put on your SPF daily just as you did during the summer.

Taking care of your skin is a year-round endeavor. Knowing how to switch your products and routines depending on the weather will help you keep your skin soft and glowing all year long. If you have any questions about skincare, please visit our website or reach out to one of our knowledgeable team members.